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AQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint white, solvent-free
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AQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint white, solvent-free, 5122-en

38,50 EUR
► 1 liter    : 38,50€ (38,50€ / liter)
► 2,5 liter  : 88,50€ (35,40€ / liter)

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AQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint white, solvent-free 5122

BIOFA AQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint white 5122 is a natural, water-based, solvent-free natural oil varnish for outdoors. It is permanently elastic and has excellent coverage and adhesion. It is suitable for outdoor wood such as windows, doors, garage doors, wooden facades, children's toys etc. as well as for metals pretreated with rust protection.

Your benefits at a glance:
► Product contains 57% renewable and 34% mineral raw materials from nature
► Solvent-free
► Easy processing, maintenance and renovation
► Can be diluted with water, easy to care for, good adhesion and high coverage
► Resistant, dirt and water repellent
► Sweat and saliva-proof, breathable and permanently elastic
► Meets the toy standard
► Colored paint can be tinted according to RAL and other color systems

The topcoat made from natural oils and resins is solvent-free, weatherproof, dirt and water-repellent, silk-glossy, has very good coverage and adhesion and is very resistant after drying. The wooden surface remains permanently elastic, breathable and does not bind dust due to the antistatic effect of the natural oil varnish.

The solvent-free AQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint is ideal as a natural wood protection for untreated wood and wooden components outdoors. For example, it can be used for wooden facades, cladding, garage doors, windows, doors, railings, garden furniture, garden benches, children's toys and other wooden objects that are outdoors outdoors. With appropriate pretreatment with a suitable anti-rust paint, BIOFA AQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint can also be used on metal substrates.

In contrast to conventional paints, the surface of the BIOFA AQUADUR Plus Enamel Paint no longer has to be completely sanded during renovation. For substrates that are still stable, a very thorough cleaning and light sanding before the subsequent repainting is usually sufficient.

VOC labeling in accordance with the Decopaint Directive and ChemVOCFarbV:
EU limit value (Cat. A / d): 130 g / l (2010)
5122 contains max. 60 g / l VOC.

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►Safety data sheet

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