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SOLIMIN Quartz Plaster white, solvent-free
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SOLIMIN Quartz Plaster white, solvent-free, 3055-en

48,70 EUR
► 4 liter  : 48,70€ (12,18€ / liter)
► 10 liter  : 105,90€ (10,59€ / liter)

Mineral plaster to roll for inside use, especially for the bathroom, kitchen, stairwell, basement ...
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SOLIMIN Quartz Plaster white, solvent-free 3055

Mineral plaster to roll for inside use, especially for the bathroom, kitchen, stairwell, basement ...

BIOFA SOLIMIN Quartz Plaster 3055 is a natural silicate plaster with a fine quartz sand structure. It is solvent-free, highly diffusible, quick-drying, matt, good coverage, allergy-neutral, non-flammable and has a disinfectant effect thanks to its alkalinity. This makes the silicate coating plaster ideal for indoor walls and ceilings and especially for damp rooms.

Color mixes
For a colored coat, the SOLIMIN quartz brush 3055 can also be tinted with BIOFA color pigments 1302–1317 (except 1314 purple). Please note the technical data sheet for the color pigments!

Your benefits at a glance:

► Product contains 43% renewable and 52% mineral raw materials from nature
► White and matt
► Solvent-free
► Very good adhesion
► High coverage
► Allergy neutral
► Anti-fungal and algae
► Disinfectant
► Highly diffusible
► Non-flammable

The ready-to-use SOLIMIN quartz plaster or silicate plaster - manufactured according to DIN 18 363 / Part C 2.4.1 - is suitable for lime, cement, clay and gypsum-containing plasters, concrete, sand-lime brick, exposed masonry, old mineral paints and dispersion wall paints as well as woodchip wallpaper, plasterboard and gypsum fibreboard in the interior. It results in an even, fine-grained, non-slip surface. The quartz plaster can also be used as a base for colored BIOFA SOLIMIN silicate paint 3051 and for BIOFA glazing technique.

VOC labeling in accordance with the Decopaint Directive and ChemVOCFarbV:
EU limit value (Cat. A / a): 30 g / l (2010).
3055 contains max. 1 g / l VOC

►Technical data sheet

►Safety data sheet

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