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Color Oil solvent-free
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Color Oil solvent-free, 2110, 2111-en

24,95 EUR
► 0,375 liter : 24,95€ (66,53€ / liter)
► 1 liter    : 57,80€ (57,80€ / liter)
► 2,5 liter  : 132,85€ (53,14€ / liter)
► 10 liter  : 462,15€ (46,22€ / liter)

Colored primer for wood, parquet, floors, furniture,
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Color Oil solvent-free 2110, 2111

Color Oil - Colored primer for wood, parquet, floors, furniture, interior fittings, ...
BIOFA Color Oil is a natural, colored oil-wax mixture and is suitable as a primer for wooden floors, wooden furniture or even three-layer panels indoors.
The Color Oil forms a silky, resistant, diffusion-open surface.

Your benefits at a glance:
► Product contains 91% renewable and 5% mineral raw materials from nature
► Transparent colored
► Solvent-free
► Penetrates deep into the wood
► Breathable
► Antistatic
► Can be tinted in shades of the BIOFA color fan for transparent products
► Sweat and saliva resistant
► Meets the requirements of the parquet standard DIN EN 14342
► Complies with the standard for toy surfaces EN 73 part 3

BIOFA Color Oil is made from natural, renewable raw materials, solvent-free and meets the requirements of the parquet standard DIN EN 14342.
The oil with color pigments is highly recommended as a base coat for most absorbent interior fittings, wood, furniture and parquet surfaces as well as for cork, FU boards, MDF and OSB boards. It penetrates deep into the surface, invigorates and deepens the natural structure of the treated surface and results in a robust, abrasion-resistant colored surface.
The color oil can be tinted in 18 standard colors.
After the colored primer with Color Oil, BIOFA products such as For example, the colorless Parquet Oil special 2059, Hard Wax Oil 2033 matt, Universal Hard Oil 2044 silk matt or Hard Wax Oil 2055 silk gloss can be used.
BIOFA Coloröl is also suitable for the pretreatment of wooden toys, because it fulfills both DIN 53 160 (sweat and saliva fastness) and the standard for toy surfaces EN 73 part 3.

VOC labeling in accordance with the Decopaint Directive and ChemVOCFarbV:
EU limit value (Cat. A / f): 700 g / l (2010)
2110, 2111 contain max. 1 g / l VOC.

►Technical data sheet

►Safety data sheet

Color selection:

Note: The colors presented have an indicative value and may vary depending on the type of surface. With regard to brightness and contrast, differently set monitors result in color differences. Liabilities with regard to the shade cannot therefore be derived.

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