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Maintenance Set
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Maintenance Set, 2081-en

16,45 EUR
The BIOFA care and repair set 2081 is suitable for thorough cleaning, care, refreshing and repair for all solvent-free oiled and waxed wooden surfaces.




Maintenance Set 2081

Clean and maintain oiled, waxed wooden floors and furniture
The BIOFA Maintenance Set 2081 is suitable for thorough cleaning, care, refreshing and repair for all solvent-free oiled and waxed wooden surfaces.
It contains 150 ml Care Kit Oil 2082, care and repair instructions, sandpaper, pad coarse, pad fine and a cotton cloth, all the necessary utensils for the treatment of solvent-free oiled and waxed wooden surfaces.

Your benefits at a glance:
► Complete set care set
► Easy processing
► Cleaning, care and refreshing of the surfaces
► Treatment of scratches
► Repairing dents
► Worktop oil (natural product, solvent-free, open to diffusion)

Whether on oiled / waxed wooden floors, furniture, kitchen worktops or other suitable surfaces, careful cleaning, care and maintenance, for example through the use of BIOFA Care Kit Oil, are important measures to ensure the quality and beauty of natural cork or wood surfaces to obtain.

Contents of the BIOFA Maintenance Set:
• Care Kit Oil solvent-free Art. No. 2082 (150 ml)
• P 280 sandpaper
• Brown (rough) sanding pad
• Sanding pad white (fine)
• cotton cloth
• Care and repair instructions

The Care Cit Oil included in the maintenance set is suitable for cleaning and maintaining oiled or waxed surfaces as well as for treating, repairing and refreshing worn, damaged oil surfaces, e.g. due to scratches or dents.
The Care Kit Oil has good stain resistance, meets the safety standard for children's toys, is sweat and saliva-proof and successfully tested for food compatibility!

Tip: The BIOFA Maintenance Set is also ideal for newcomers, for example, to gain initial experience in dealing with BIOFA care products such as the Care Kit Oil.

VOC labeling in accordance with the Decopaint Directive and ChemVOCFarbV:
2082 contains max. 1 g / l VOC.

►Technical data sheet Care Kit Oil 2082

►Safety data sheet Care Kit Oil 2082  (2082 is the same product as 2052)

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